BASYCS MORNING SEMINAR – “VVIP Aircraft Cabin: From Dream to Reality”.

Hotel Métropole, Geneva

On Thursday 28 November 2018, BASYCS hosted the final event in its 2018 Breakfast Seminar Series with a presentation by GLOBALJETS titled “VVIP Aircraft Cabin: From Dream to Reality”.

The presentation was given by Nicolas Jaccard, Technical Project Manager, at GLOBALJETS and explored the world of Large jet interior design and installation.

The term ‘Large’ can be used to denote both Wide and Narrow Bodied aircraft, 90% of the global fleet of which are manufactured by Airbus and Boeing. The Wide Bodied fleet started with Boeing’s B707 and today continues all the way through the range from 747 to 787. Airbus tends to dominate the Narrow-bodied fleet with its A319 and A320 family of jets.

Why would the super-rich choose to wait 6-8 years for a Large jet when a mid-bodied model such as a Falcon, Bombardier or Gulfstream could be completed in a third of that time? Well, according to Nicolas it’s because billionaires are used to living in a certain way and wish to continue to do so wherever they are. And this over-riding motivation accounts for the time, care, skill and costs dedicated to the interior design and installation in these Large jets.

However even with the most generous budget, there are limitations as to what interior features can be fitted or installed within a jet be it Large or otherwise. These constraints, or aptly named ‘Dreamkillers’, are largely driven by two factors: (i) safety regulations that govern all aircraft operation both private and commercial; and (ii) weight + balance limitations. So large, panaromic windows or bowling alleys are the stuff of fiction. However marble finished bathrooms, wine fridges and even a lift that extends from the base of the fuselage to ground level are possible. The key is, however, efficient and clear communication and planning between the owner’s representatives and the interior contractors and sub-contractors involved.

Nicolas closed off his presentation with some amusing anecdotes, not least the importance of the 3Ts rule. Toilets, telephone and TV; all must work 100%! Whilst a humorous example, the message is an important one. For the costs involved, even the most basics features must operate perfectly at all times.


BASYCS is most grateful to GLOBALJETS for this eye-opening and informative presentation that had the audience enthralled. We look forward to welcoming our guests to our next Geneva Breakfast Seminar, in early 2019!